The 5 Biggest Mistakes While Finishing Your AR15 80% Lower Receiver Build And How to Easily Avoid Them!

While building your AR, whether it is your first time or 10th, it is important to realize that mistakes happen, and you must be diligent to avoid them!

One of the many great things about AR-15’s is the fact that they are very very difficult to screw up. They are such a sturdy and well manufactured weapon that even in just parts form, it is almost impossible to ruin beyond repair.

It would obviously be a much more ideal scenario if everything went according to plan, but as with the Murphy’s Law that is life, things can and will go wrong. But there are a few mistakes that are commonly made, that can be easily avoided if you take a few precautions and look out for these before starting your build!

Read the Instructions!

First things first, the best and easiest advice anyone can give is to read the directions. Yeah I sound like your mother, but it is sound and solid advice that should be heeded.

One of the biggest and easily avoided mistakes an AR-15 builder makes is not reading the instructions before trying to throw together their weapon.

Yeah, everyone is a know it all, especially when it comes to doing something if they have done it before. But not reading the instructions can lead to problems down the road that would have been avoided if you took just a few minutes to read.

Ruining the Finish

Another common mistake while building your AR-15 is the chance of wrecking the finish of your 80% lower receiver.

Though, this mistake will not stop or hinder your weapon from firing, it can make a perfectionist rip their hair out. Anytime during the build you are at risk of scratching the finish and leaving marks that are not easy to remove, especially if you don’t know how to repair them.

To easily fix the scratches to the finish of your AR-15, you can apply Birchwood Casey Aluma Black. Depending on the severity of the scratched and ruined finish, you might need to use steel wool on the scratches and then apply the Birchwood, if you happen not to notice the scratches until after your weapon is together. If you do happen to notice right away, you can apply the Birchwood right away and it will take care of the scratches right quick.

Using the Right Tools

Another common mistake is the fact that most people will use a tool for their AR build, even if it is not the exact, proper, and suggested tool to use.

Never use a tool that will simply ‘get the job done’, make sure to use whatever tool is specifically called for, and you can’t go wrong.

Too Much Drilling

The next problem people face is when they go a little heavy handed with the drill. Though these problems and usually be fixed, it is still easily avoidable.

Most of the time, the drills you can buy come with preset drill stops, which can help to eliminate these mistakes.

Don’t Forget These!

And last but not least, first is cutting oil! This oil is essential for drilling your lower to avoid too much tool damage while drilling out your lowers.

Also, don’t forget a depth collar. Often times new drill kits will come with a choke off point so you don’t drill your lowers too far, but if they don’t make sure to get depth collars as to not destroy your AR build!

Simple and easy, these 5 mistakes will no longer give you any issues with your AR-15 build!

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