Scope Alignment Myths Revealed

Pointed Scope Alignment Bars – Another Point of View

All the instructions that I have seen about these bars cliam that all you need to do is put the two points together and your scope rings will then be perfectly aligned. Don’t believe it, look at the drawings, they clearly show that this is not always the case.

In the drawing, the set of bars marked #1 you can indeed see that the two points are together and the bars are aligned to each other. The outer edges of the bars are on the same plain as the red reference line.

However, the bars marked # 2 you can see also that the two points are together, but the bars are clearly misaligned. The bars outer edges are not on the same plain as the red reference line. Now if you turn the bars around and use the ends that are 90 degrees to the sides of the bar, you will be able to detect any misalignment much more readily than using the points.

Using the bars like those numbered # 3 and putting the square end together, then viewing them either from the top or the side you can see any misalignment either left to right or up and down.

Even though they run parallel to each other they are not in alignment. In fact, if you take your micrometer and mike (measure) the two bars where they touch you can determine just how much they are misaligned.

Now look at the bars numbered # 4. If the bars are square and touching with no sign of misalignment either left to right or up and down, then things are lined up pretty damn good. But if they are misaligned like those numbered # 5, there is more work to be done. If you have bars with points and square ends at 90 degrees, I’d turn them around the next time I use them. Using two bars with square ends will show you more than using the points.

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