Buying an Easy Jig: Is It Worth the Expense?

Taking to leap to building your own AR-15 can be a bit daunting, especially with the notion that you will have to drill your own lower. Or you could also pay an arm and a leg for pre-drilled, or take it to a gunsmith; but at that point, you might as well buy a completed AR-15, save yourself some money and the hassle of finding a dependable person to drill it for you.

With all of the innovation that has come along the path concerning firearms, the 80% Arms Easy Jig has become somewhat of a standalone in the field. Particularly the 80% Arms version of an easy jig is important to take notice of for a couple of reasons.

The majority of jigs that are surfacing these days (and mostly in the past), are formatted to function on an x-y table, using an upright mill to accomplish this. The kicker here is that they will be advertised saying they are compatible with drill presses, but this is simply not the case. A standard drill press has too much movement in the head, and it is not designed for lateral cutting.

Beyond that, the price for a mill would be in the thousands, a drill press running you anywhere from $150-$300, and a router for around $100. Drill press is preferred but you can also use a hand drill if a drill press is out of the question. These numbers are important to note because the 80% Arms Easy Jig is based on using a router for your project. So you can see how this particular jig will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the long run.

The 80% Arms Easy Jig makes use of a router, drill, and vice, just a few tools that most people have laying around in the basement. The jig comes with a plate design that you simply lay in your metal and trace, as simple as that.

Each part necessary for drill and building your AR-15 can be purchased in a single unit, or in a kit. The best part is that if you are using the jig properly, you will never have to buy the jig kit ever again, the only part that will most likely need to be replaced eventually is the ⅜ inch pre-drilling pilot plate.

Another great feature of the 80% Arms Easy Jig is the absolutely easy instruction sheet. Some might call it dummy proof, but it is broken down into easy to follow steps that make it practically impossible to botch the job.
With all of the innovation and advancements that we have today, with cell phones, computers, and the like, using this easy jig will not be any more strenuous if you have never used a power tool ever before in your life. So have no fear, as long as you can read, and follow directions the 80% Arms Easy Jig, is one of the best purchases you will make in the realm of your arsenal.

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