Building Your Very Own AR-15: The Common Misconceptions

As any weapon owner can attest, the idea of building your very own weapon has a certain appeal that many other people simply cannot understand. It usually starts when you buy a few upgrades for the weapons you already own, adding a flashlight here, optics there, flash hider on this one, nice two point strap on that one.

Then you get to the point where you completely replaced the wood gas tube handle and upgraded for a beautifully machined flat black anodized grip that looks so sleek that you could practically die, and have it buried with you.

So you head on over to good ole Google and type in AR-15 do it yourself, and lo and behold, you see comment after comment of people with horror stories. But believe me my friend, this is not the case with a typical build, and you will regret not considering it more after a few people had problems!

There is no greater joy for a weapon owner than to create their own weapon, completely unique, and built with your own bare hands, now that is the crowning jewel in every weapon owner’s collection.

So let’s take a look at a few misconceptions and far fetched myths that surround an AR-15 lower receiver build.

Is It Legal?

Of course, the first and most important question I would like to answer is the legality of an AR-15 build. The short answer is yes, it is 100% legal to build your own AR15 Lower receiver. Though, there are certain steps you must take while building it to ensure it stays legal depending on the state you live in…..sorry California. 

It is also important to note, that though there are no federal legislations that prohibit the building of your own AR-15, you should look into state specific laws that might hinder you from a build. Better safe than in jail.

Is It Hard?

Building your very own AR-15 is not as difficult as you might think, or read about across the internet.

If you have ever used power tools in your life, then building your own weapon will be a breeze. Most of the kits you can purchase come with quick, easy, and detailed instructions that are, let’s face it, idiot proof.

Is It Expensive?

As compared to weapons you can purchase at your local firearms dealer, it is not expensive to build your own at all.

But the kicker, once you embark on your first build, you will find yourself splurging for upgrades you didn’t even know you wanted. And at this point, the build can become expensive, but the basic AR-15 build kits are fairly priced and well worth it.

Can You Take It To The Range?

Of course! There is nothing illegal about your weapon, you just happened to build it yourself!

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